Langham Facilities' philosophy is founded in a commitment to our Client to ensure they achieve their goals whilst providing realistic and consistent advice and support. Our distinctive approach, routed in industry practice, whilst offering advances in management systems, technology and efficiency to project management, sets us ahead of our competitors.

Langham Facilities was established to build long lasting relationships with both Client and Contractor, and provide an alternative to an industry swollen with companies whom seem driven by short term profit. The company was established with the intention of developing a portfolio and relationships, remaining focused on long-term objectives, building upon our portfolio of valued Clients and securing mutual benefits from an ethical and authentic approach to construction and delivery.

Langham Facilities provide an unrivalled service with uncompromising standards on quality assurance and delivery. The culture of quality stems from our Directors founding principles, and are enshrined within the company's processes and management, all the while enhanced by the commitment displayed by each and every operative.

Langham Facilities is actively tendering throughout London and the South- East. Our mission is to remain commercially competitive, whilst demonstrating to our Clients that we will deliver on time, on budget and on brief. Through the establishment of a trusted Client base, and expanding into new markets, Langham Facilities will endeavour to ensure the continuation of sufficient projects that allow us to achieve medium-term goals, whilst also ensuring we maintain our integrity, reliability and quality assurance.

In 2018, the key business goal is to accelerate expansion, spreading our name and values throughout the industry, establishing new relationships and increasing the awareness of our brand and company values. It is with this conviction and commitment, that Langham Facilities will become synonymous with quality, delivery, reliability and viability within the UK Construction Industry.



    At Langham Facilities we are obsessive with providing a high level of service, project execution and overall finished product. However, we must never forget the Health, Safety and wellbeing of all impacted in our works. We must also ensure that we consider environmental issues and do what we can to assist sustainability and waste management.

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    Langham Facilities culture of quality is understood by all involved and must always be consistent. Audits and reviews of our procedures and employees/contractors will be undertaken frequently to ensure we exceed our Clients expectations every time.

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    Langham Facilities is committed to fulfilling its own responsibilities in the global effort to eliminate exploitation and abuse in the workplace.

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    At Langham Facilities it is a strong ethical belief that everyone is given equal opportunities.

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    We believe the most fundamental principle in the execution of our works and commitment to provide the best comes from our enthusiasm and understanding of how important each member of our team really is. With this in mind we consistently look to improve our workforce and provide adequate training to ensure they are simply the best in their field.

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